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To Our Confident Clinician Cooperative Customers:

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the dissolution of The Confident Clinician Cooperative, LP. Thank you for entrusting us with continuing education and mentorship during these past 4 years. If you have purchased a course, you have until February 29, 2024 to complete it to be eligible for ASHA CEU credit. If you have purchased a mentorship package or session, we will reach out and schedule this with you. If you have any specific questions, please direct them to join@confidentclinician.com

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What our colleagues say about us

Jacquelyn Janocha

SLP Student

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this fabulous webinar! I learned many helpful tips on how to start a private practice and was inspired to pursue my passion in voice therapy! I appreciate all of the hard work your team put into making this webinar possible! I hope to attend more Confident Clinician Cooperative webinars in the future! Thank you for inspiring me to never stop learning and to follow my passion in voice therapy!

Rebecca Morgan


The specialized, advanced training I received from Confident Clinician Cooperative has been invaluable to my work performing videostroboscopy assessments in my hospital setting. I have taken other courses and have been completing assessments but just felt as if I needed further mentorship to advance my skills to a new level. I now feel very confident in my ability to accurately interpret studies and in making appropriate therapy recommendations. Kristie, Cara, and Aaron are all highly skilled vocologists and their individual skills and styles serve to provide an excellent learning experience and mentorship.

Sabina Anthony


My journey with Confident Clinician began about 2 years ago when I attended Kristie, Cara and Aaron’s presentation on using PRAAT for voice evaluations. Since then, my relationship with Kristie has grown into one of a valued mentor, and practice strategist. Kristie has provided my practice with clinical guidance, practical advice on challenging cases and a strong foundation for developing systematic treatment methods rooted in evidence based principles. I leave every session with Kristie feeling more confident and energized. I am so grateful to Kristie for providing clinicians like me, who want to improve their skills in voice assessments and interventions, with this amazing mentorship platform.

Dorinda Malcolm


I completed individual sessions with Cara, participated in the Confident Clinician inaugural webinar “The Virtual Clinician,” and utilized a group mentoring package in which I met with Cara again and then had individual sessions with Kristie and Aaron. The Confident Clinician is an incredible resource for speech language pathologists in any stage of their career. It is the real-time, on the job mentoring piece that has been missing from speech language pathology.

Sue Noguchi


I really value the mentorships I have received from you! It is focused 1 on 1 time where I can ask specific questions about assessment and treatment techniques as well as to get your professional perspective on specific cases and their challenges. The quality and quantity of information I gain in these sessions gives me practical applications that I can take right into my next session with my patients. It is so great to get a session recap from you in my email and links to resources you have sent me to supplement what you discussed in our meeting. While I still like to attend larger conferences, I just really value and appreciate being able to get knowledge and skill training that is customized for my current clinical needs.

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We offer virtual mentorship on topics including private practice development and caring for voice and upper airway differences and disorders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CCC stands for Confident Clinician Cooperative. We want to include you in our cooperative so you can become the knowledgeable SLP, SLT, SLPA or CFY you need to be for your patients. All 3 of CCC’s founding members recognized a lack of support in the area of voice science education and experience as well as business knowledge for those graduating with their degrees. We are working together with your help to fill that gap and help patients get the qualified care they deserve.

For now our courses are pay as you learn. They are all on-demand and include a variety of recorded live courses and learning modules. Each course is priced differently based on content and length.

We offer virtual mentorship on a variety of topics including private practice business model, contracting with insurance payers, voice evaluation and rehabilitation skills, and more. Mentorship can be in a group or one-on-one setting, based on your specific needs. We want to provide you with individualized support.

You can buy multiple courses, or start with one. The benefit of on-demand is that you can work at your own pace and only pay for what you need moving forward.

The mission of the Confident Clinician Cooperative is to supply clinicians with the knowledge and critical thinking skills to be leaders in their places of work, or to start their own company. We think experiences are an important part of education and want you to contact us if you’d like to collaborate. Become a voting member to start teaching as part of our Cooperative.

When you complete a course, you’ll have the option to download a participation document showing you attended the course. You also get a certificate for completing mentorship sessions.

Since courses are pay as you go, there’s no need to cancel anything at this time. You will have access to your course for 1 year after purchase so you can view as many times as you like.