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About Us

The Confident Clinician Cooperative supports learning and development worldwide in the area of voice and upper airway within a private practice setting.

Students and clinicians leave school and even their clinical fellowship with gaps in their education and training. They may feel a pull to become an entrepreneur with no real business background.

Founded by 3 voice and upper airway-specialized speech-language practitioners who each run a successful private practice, the CCC provides education, training and mentorship you can apply practically in real-world settings to better serve their clients with high-quality care.

The mission of Confident Clinician Cooperative is to empower clinicians through immersive educational experiences based in implementation, learning and behavioral sciences so they confidently serve others.

For clinicians and those they serve to thrive in their interactions as they progress towards improved function and quality of life.

Meet the Founders

Kristie is a speech-language pathologist who is driven to break down barriers to learning about voice science.

She runs a private practice voice clinic in Fort Worth, Texas where she provides videostroboscopy exams and specialized voice care.

She wanted to start the Confident Clinician Cooperative because as a former patient herself, she understands the need for experience to improve patient outcomes, and she wants to empower clinicians to take charge of their skill set and feel confident in voice therapy and beyond.

Cara is a speech-language pathologist who has specialized in voice rehabilitation.

She runs a private practice in Tampa, Florida where she provides both comprehensive endoscopic voice and swallow assessments and treatment.

She has extensive acute care and outpatient hospital experience, in addition to being a classically trained soprano.

Recognizing a paucity of in-depth graduate level voice coursework, Cara co-founded the Confident Clinician Cooperative to assist future and practicing clinicians in accessing voice-specific continuing education for confident clinical practice.

Aaron is a voice-specialized speech-language pathologist who has devoted his career to developing effective and efficient physiologic voice therapy.

He has a private practice in Portland, Oregon where he provides in-person and online habilitation and rehabilitation services for voice.

He co-founded the Confidence Clinician Cooperative because he wanted clinicians to feel confident in their knowledge and skills to support patients with voice differences and voice disorders.

Aaron draws from his background in theater, singing, and languages in addition to his experience in clinic, research, and education as he helps clinicians achieve effective and efficient outcomes with their patients.