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The Acute Care Clinician

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The Acute Care Clinician


The Acute Care Clinician: “Fostering Improved Voice & Upper Airway Diagnostics and Treatment in the Acute Setting” was originally aired live as a 3 day curated professional development course:

    • Part 1: Role of the SLP in the Acute Care Setting
    • Part 2: Vocal Morbidity in the Acute Care Setting – Considerations for Assessment and Treatmen
    • Part 3: Upper Airway Disorders in the Acute Care Setting – Considerations for Assessment and Treatment 

Description: There is a significant education gap with airway understanding and diagnostics for the clinician in the acute care setting. Physicians ask acute care clinicians for urgent consults for differential diagnosis with the use of videostroboscopy. Clinicians may not be as familiar with the acute clinician’s role in airway diagnostics and the impact it has across the continuum of care. Acute care clinicians are often access points to guide the care plan towards the MDs/community specialists. They support the continuum of care with identification and differential diagnosis in an area of the body that many acute physicians look to acute care clinicians to troubleshoot. Stroboscopy and upper airway diagnostics fit into acute care diagnostics and consultative triaging to get to appropriate services, clinicians, and to guide treatment. Taught by leaders in the field of speech-language pathology, this course is about what is current, what we can and cannot do, and what is applicable for the acute care setting.


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